The Flying Alchemist is setting out to solve travel for those of us that live out our suitcase. Our innovative products are simply the frequent flyer's best friends.


The instant mouthwash

Our flagship product. The instant mouthwash is the ultimate travel companion. Packed in tea bags, each dose can turn any bottle or glass of any water into a mouth wash in under 30 seconds.

Walk into your hotel room, steep a bag of instant mouthwash for a few seconds, stir. Congratulations, you just made mouthwash!

The instant mouthwash is alcohol free, and delivers  the following active properties

  • Antiseptic + antibacterial (cardamom)
  • Anti decay (matcha tea)
  • Enamel + gum protection (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Germicide (ginger)
  • Breath freshening (menthol)

The artisan shaving cream

(Coming soon) Shaving on the road doesn’t have to be a painful experience anymore. Our crafty shaving cream is as slick as it looks. Rich in coconut-oil, our powder turns into a naturally smooth gel to lather with the included travel shaving brush. Whether you prefer it thick or thin, you can whisk it to your preference and swing that razor confidently.


The future...

Toiletries aren't the only things we can improve about your travel. Stay tuned with The Flying Alchemist's mad lab to find out as we solve more problems.

Academic research and trade patents support the efficacy of each ingredient for their active properties. Chemists and toxicologists have reviewed our formulations for your health & Safety