The Flying Alchemist should really be plural,  as there are in fact two aspiring Alchemists on the team.

We’re two brothers, separated by 9 time zones between Rennes in France  and San Francisco in California. both of us are frequent travelers for work and pleasure, and between us we’ve flown over a million mile and to more than 40 countries.

The Flying Alchemist is our way to work together for three common goals:

  1. Make traveling lighter a better experience, with less compromise on what you can take with you around the world

  2. Innovate differently, by putting simplicity and health above all else, and making products that don’t contain parts or ingredients harmful to people or the environment

  3. Work for the community, by building a business that treats suppliers, customers, partners and (future) employees fairly and is made where we and our customers live.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
— Gustave Flaubert

We came up with the idea for a travel mouthwash that isn’t another liquid bottle nor another product with a list of ingredients longer than a short novel, but along the way we realized there are other products that we often left behind at home when traveling.

Today we’re proud to launch with this products, and happy to do it in a transparent way with products and processes we stand behind. Our next product, a travel shaving kit, is under development.

The Flying Alchemist is a responsible company, and our first products are personal care products that truly embrace both words "personal" and "care" equally.

From our perspective they’re “personal” in the sense that we built them ourselves, over skype in kitchens 5,000 miles apart. And they are about “care” because we insisted on using natural and simple ingredients, from the pantry and the garden, not from the laboratory.

Our products have been vetted by PhD toxicologist and come with a 100% return policy